Feb 24, 2009

THE MULTINAUTS is the best show ever

This past Sunday as the Academy Awards we're happening down the street, we we're filming the final live action segments for the next two episodes of The Multinauts. This time around we had way less people on set, therefore we were moving lights and sets in costume. All the while giggling at the fact that while the A listers we're dressed in tuxedos, we we're doubling the realms of fantasy and reality.

Feb 20, 2009


After running for nearly 3 years straight, my lovely computer decided it had had enough and gave me the question mark. Several days later we're back up and running after installing a new drive and all the programs. (BTW I love After Effects CS4) Due to our break we are now operating at full potential and the course for direction is set. Oh and I just want to thank to the guy at the computer shop who consoled me on the phone when called to check on it. "I totally understand how you feel, Miss. Computers are Toootalllly a part of our livvvvvves"

Feb 12, 2009


Here is a clip from TALK SHOW 24/7 a live internet broadcast show made by Marc Horowitz. He made a visit to Telefantasy Studios a few weeks ago while we were building props and we showed off for him. Check it out, but wait until Marc is done paying his bills and picks up the camera for a full exploration of our prop collection and eventually spray paint Marc's arms to look like lizard-arms.

Video clips at Ustream

P.S. We're know we're dorks.

In keeping with The Reptilian Agenda, here is Cindy McCain's appearance on Talk Show 247 on Election Night.
Free TV : Ustream

for more of the maniac world of Marc Horowitz go to:

Feb 11, 2009


Take Xanadu if you will, but you might want to look at this blown up. MUSHROOM MEMORIES FARTS


Unlovable is a sit side by side post production. (freezing in the garage but giggling and talking about improved workflow.)

Feb 10, 2009


UNLOVABLE Volume 1, by the lovely Eshter Pearl Watson, is out now.
Published by Fantagraphics. Read it cover to cover !!

Here is Esther and Christine doing some last looks on Leslie Hall, as we filmed her performing the Unlovable theme song for the film last week. Compare this studio image with the one below. This was easily one of the most hilarious days we have had so far whilst making Unlovable. Only because when us girls get together to make something, nothing can stop us, even a horrific situation. Now, I've lived in Hollywood almost my entire life, I know people are dodgy, I know people are trying really hard to MAKE IT and making it is hard to define. People will say & do anything. However I haven't been duped in a long time, so I couldn't help but stop and laugh. So here goes...Don't ever shoot at "GREEN SCREEN HOLLYWOOD" It was the worst studio I have ever been to in my life!! Here is the photo of the studio they advertise online:

Hmpf!! I don't know where they got that photo from because it's really a torn seamless and some home depot shop lights on the floor. When I asked for a fill card they gave me a bulletin board sized foam core with holes in it. There were wireless routers all over the ground and a guy who was majorly high on speed, sweating & wearing sunglasses telling me he was gonna "Run my shit through Final Cut Pro." I told him to pack up his laptop in a calm yet stern voice and said "I got tape man, it's cool."

Another great reason to roll with a comic book artist is, photos don't always show enough details. So here is Esther's drawing of our rotten situation:

Here is their website. They told me they shoot "all the big bands there" Yeah Right!! I think they shoot something else there. Beware: http://www.greenscreenhollywood.com

Feb 5, 2009


I have been getting daily emails from my father since the beginnings of the internet and have since seen the evolution of his astrophotography. This one is by far my favorite. It's so beautiful I had to share. Below is his technical message:
"Hey Phillipe in France, and all you dark sky astronomers, Despite the moon being so bright I took these last night from dome in yard. C11 scope, 20 frames 3 minutes each, one shot color ST4000. Real bright out with the moon up ,but been very clear and calm as far as winds.. I am trying again tonight for some faint three galaxies of NGC 7331 hope to capture it ,might have to wait till moon is gone again to get a good shot. I worked hard to get focus right, still a problem to be perfect every time?? Enjoy,Gary"

Feb 3, 2009

When Scissors Don't Cut It

My close friend Jennifer Johnson is an awesome costumer and when we were getting ready for the Multinauts shoot, she came across the most amazing tool...electric scissors. They are VERY loud. I love the future.


Feb 1, 2009


Storyboards, Lizardmen, & Trampolines.

My sister gets drenched in blood!