Nov 27, 2015


"Professional Techniques for Deluxe Paint III
(from Prism Computer Products, 1989)

With this one hour of tutorials, tips and techniques, the new user, as well as the seasones professional, is easily shown how to best
utilize Deluxe Paint III's tools to achieve spectacular effects with professional results. You will be guided step by step through
DPaint's features including: -Cel Animation
-Texture Creation
-3-D Prespective
-Combining Effects--New Tools
-The "Move" Menu
-"Text Manipulations

---- Jeff Bruette has created Amiga graphics for "Max Headroom", "Amazing Stories", "Secrets & Mysteries", "Coca Cola", and "Oingo Boingo".
Jeff has developed and produced this video to demonstrate a variety of tips and techniques that he finds useful in creating
professional graphics and animations at Prism Computer Graphics

Dan Silva developed Deluxe Paint for Electronic Arts in 1985. Now, two versions later, with the desire for more powerful tools and
computer animation, he now brings us Deluxe Paint III. In this video, Dan reveals his own insight and comments on getting the most
from Deluxe Paint III."

Nov 12, 2015


Videowest is best known for creating a new genre of video journalism, widely acclaimed as a "worldview from the rock generation" in the early eighties.

An independent TV studio based in San Francisco, California, Videowest produced hundreds of TV magazine shows and music videos from

1978 to 1984. Its award-winning weekly series (Backstage Pass, Best of Videowest, Rock On, Take Off) were released on a variety of broadcast and cable outlets including ABC, BBC, Disney, MTV, Showtime, USA and public TV.

Videowest's creative trademark was a fast-paced montage of interviews, comedy, music and news around weekly themes like "Beauty" or "TV" (see sample videos in the sidebar). Over the years, Videowest featured hundreds of popular artists like Laurie Anderson, Ray Bradburry, the Clash, Francis Coppola, Elvis Costello, Devo, the Ramones, REM, U2 and many more.

Videowest started as a grassroots movement, with thousands of young volunteers joining forces to create "television for the rest of us." Founder Fabrice Florin spearheaded that community as a labor of love, inviting viewers to help produce the weekly shows. He was joined by Lee Callister, Joe Dea, Wes Dorman, Jeff Nemerovski, Erik Nelson, Michael Branton and hundreds of regular contributors, leading to many successful careers in the film and TV industry.

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