Feb 5, 2009


I have been getting daily emails from my father since the beginnings of the internet and have since seen the evolution of his astrophotography. This one is by far my favorite. It's so beautiful I had to share. Below is his technical message:
"Hey Phillipe in France, and all you dark sky astronomers, Despite the moon being so bright I took these last night from dome in yard. C11 scope, 20 frames 3 minutes each, one shot color ST4000. Real bright out with the moon up ,but been very clear and calm as far as winds.. I am trying again tonight for some faint three galaxies of NGC 7331 hope to capture it ,might have to wait till moon is gone again to get a good shot. I worked hard to get focus right, still a problem to be perfect every time?? Enjoy,Gary"

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Timothy Archibald said...

that is a great photo. no wonder you are all into space and stuff, ya think?