Apr 23, 2009


My friend Bryan just put his old debate team videos on youtube. Currently it is my favorite thing on the internet and I won't be satisfied until he puts ALL of them online! I can't get over the topics, the graphics, the sets, Laticia, and the philly accent.

Apr 20, 2009


I went to a double feature of "The House on the Edge of the Park" & "Demons" by myself last night. No big deal but then suddenly Lamberto Bava and Ruggero Deodato came in and sat down next to me. Legends of Italian Horror !! Ruggero liked to talk during his own movie and kept calling me "Cindy" (one of the victims in the film). When I left, I ran into David Hess (star of "The House on the Edge of the Park") and Ruggero Deodato in the parking lot where they humored me by reeanacting the Cindy scene in "The House on the Edge of the Park".

Apr 15, 2009


I just finished shooting some ads for ADIDAS ORIGINALS! Although I can't share the pics just yet, let's just say that the ad agency chose well, being as though I was a dressed like Kevin Bacon and dancing on stage only a few months earlier as part of the 25th anniversary of Footloose. It was an awesome job...and I got a free pair of futuristic high tops perfect for dancing.

Apr 6, 2009


Leslie and the Lys current revue holds a whole new element of showmanship and magic. I was blessed to go out on part of their tour with them and was completely enamored with the hard work behind the show. Every night after driving to a new town, they set up a full sized jungle gym, a sign that reads SHAZAM!, a video projector, a fog machine, a rotating disc that Leslie stands on & a 12string guitar affixed to a stand so that it creates the illusion of spinning in the air. (A 12-string guitar with a faded decal of Princess Diana and Charles on their wedding day no less.)
The Lys then change into White Tiger costumes that would make Siegfried and Roy proud and later reveal a second outfit covered in sheer sparkles.
However, behind the scenes it's no joke. It's a tight run ship as all the focus must remain on the act. Their show is by no means ironic. It's more like going on tour with the aspirations of Shania Twain and I found that to be the most inspiring thing about them. Oh and by the way the show is mega-fantastic.
Tour dates here: http://leslieandthelys.com/