Mar 24, 2011


There is nothing I love more than a working class hero who overcomes all by uncovering that last bit of strength. Films that aced this genre include The Karate Kid, Rocky, Heavenly Bodies, Ice Castles, and now Dream to Believe.

Aside from the after-school special warmth of this film, every interlude in Dream to Believe is supported by a musical sequence that fires up the spirit in a musical genre I like to call "Power Diva".

Here is a sample of some of the lyrics you'll here while watching this riveting movie.

"Flying high got my feet off the ground. I feel love in the air and I know I've got to be there!"

"Run with my heart! I wont live on the edge of a heartbreak!"

"All Ive got is my desire, nothing can stand in my way!"

Young, sweet and new wave KEANU REEVES!!
Hey Keanu,I'll study with you anyday because you are the one!

The whole movie is on youtube. Watch it!!

Mar 21, 2011


Myron Krueger is an American computer artist who developed early interactive works. He is also considered to be one of the first generation virtual reality and augmented reality researchers.

He envisioned the art of interactivity, as opposed to art that happens to be interactive, by exploring the space between humans and computers. His focus lies in the possibilities of interaction itself, rather than on an art project, which is supposed to evoke some response in the user. Though his work was somewhat unheralded in mainstream VR thinking, which culminated the "goggles 'n gloves" archetype, his legacy has experienced greater interest as more recent technological advancements move toward unencumbered interactions.

In the video above, Myron Krueger presents his "Critter" and creativity machine at a technology and art conference at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 1986.

Mar 17, 2011


Inspirational friend and collaborator, John Maus is about to release
a new album "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves".
Here his brother Joe asks him a few questions about the upcoming release:

John Maus Live 2011 (TEXAS, UK, Europe):

16th March - TX – Austin – ND Venue (SXSW Altered Zones Party)
17th March - TX – Austin – Victory Grill (SXSW Moog Party)
25th March - Frankfurt – Globe For Frankfurt and the World
26th March - UK – Manchester – Islington Mill
27th March - UK – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
28th March - UK – Newcastle – Star & Shadow Cinema
29th March - UK – Glasgow – Mono*
31st March - UK – Bristol – The Croft
1st April - UK – London – Bussey Building (Upset The Rhythm’s Spaghetti Tree)
2nd April - FR – Paris – La Fleche D’or
4th April - DE – Hamburg – Golden Pudel
5th April - DE – N├╝rnberg – K4
6th April - BE – Brussels – Les Ateliers Claus
7th April - NL – Tilburg – Incubate
9th April - DE – Berlin – HAU
10th April - CZ – Prag – 007
22nd May - UK – Cheshire – Friends Of Mine Festival

Photograph above taken in Minnesota by yours truly

Mar 15, 2011


Apparently my gif powered blog is freaking some people out! I apologize if it does, but this is one of the last frontiers in the dataverse to embrace the gif.

Cat Solen told me that Mike Jittlov is the reason she started making movies and that his website is gif crazy just like mine. I had no idea!

Check it out:

Mike Jittlov is the genius behind the WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME. Mr Jittlov thanks for the wizardry. Your life is a special effect!


This film interviews women employed in the National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA's) space transportation programs and shows the variety of positions that they hold, ranging from electrical engineer, aerial photography analyst, and safety specialist to astronaut mission specialist. It notes how the women obtained their training and qualified for their positions. Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, Dr. Patricia Cowings, Shirley Cevalier, Sue Norman, Sharon Orkansky, Brenda Willis, and Astronaut Catherine Sullivan are profiled.

Mar 11, 2011


Sending daimoku to all the people of Northeastern Japan as well as those around the world who have friends and family members in the affected earthquake and tsunami areas.