Mar 13, 2008


I'm so proud to see that NPR has taken notice of Leslie Hall, The Keeper of Thyn Gems, with their feature on DAY TO DAY: "TAKING OVER THE WORLD ONE SWEATER AT A TIME". You may listen to the show here as well as see some of my photos in the photo gallery...(blush blush):

I've been photographing Leslie for the last 2 years and enjoying the beauty of her rise to fame. She's a hard working performer and she deserves it, but even more so, I've always felt the world needed her. Last week, I spent a few days photographing her latest tour, which had me giving standing ovations whilst photographing the performances. The most touching new aspect of her career, is the appearance of a fresh new batch of fans, most of which were young girls ages 12-15 all waiting for her to take the stage decked out in gem sweaters, gold pants, glasses, and huge smiles on their faces. I look forward to seeing the proofs, and wonder if some of them might be out of focus as my eyes welled up many times by the whole heartedness of star to fan power and the rampant exchange of inspiration.

If you haven't seen the epic video we made together please enjoy :