Jul 28, 2014

BBC Training Video 1987

A BBC training tape from 1987. Including Playouts of TOTP's and Tomorrow's World

BBc TV Camera Department

An introduction training film about life in the BBc TV Camera Department.

Jul 17, 2014


Taped for late-night's "Hollywood Heartbeat" show circa 1980

Face the Music

Bill Ware, a computer operator from London, England has won 9 days and
has accumulated $44,000 in cash and prizes, car included. He is going
for his 10th day, so with this second season way, an RV is on the line.
One of his challengers will be either Jim, a writer from Brooklyn, NY,
Dale, a full-time mother to twin boys from Los Angeles, CA who has a
thing for Ron, or Mark, a graduate student from California. Can the
contestants face the music and put together musical clues to famous
people, places, and things? More importantly, can Bill defend
successfully to win maybe $10,000 in cash and that RV? And, pay close
attention to that Mystery Face in that Championship game!

1980 - 1981 Sandy Frank Productions. All copyrights of the show are
herein acknowledged, no challenge of ownership is implied or intended.
These episodes are posted for non-profit, entertainment purposes only,
and to help keep the memories of Tommy Oliver alive


8-bit Zardoz is coming to the Gameduino 2

Jul 14, 2014

Bonnie Tyler - Heaven (Musikladen 1977)


From the album "Nightflight To Venus"


I have lots of new work to share in the coming months!
Here is one now. Fresh out of the Telefantasy Studios lab.
Please watch fullscreen.

Radioactive Dreams is a voyage into the hypnagogic realm created by the interaction between dancer and the electronic signal. While the movement of the dancer lingers and fades with the video signal the body is used to paint the frame and to create a non-linear form of action.

Video / JJ Stratford
Sound / Etay Levy
Dancer / Zumi Rosow
Dancewear provided by Moonspoon Saloon
Styled by Briana Gonzales