Nov 23, 2010


The Tripods is based on a series of novels by John Christopher and was jointly produced by the BBC and the Seven Network in Australia. In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity have been conquered and enslaved by unseen alien entities who travel about in gigantic three-legged walking machines referred to as "the tripods". Human society is largely pastoral, with few habitations larger than villages, and what little industry exists is conducted under the watchful presence of the tripods whom are believed to be their overlords.

From the age of 14 humans are required to obtain implants called "caps", which suppress curiosity and creativity and leave the recipient placid and docile, incapable of dissent. Two boys from a small English village decide to escape before they are capped and find themselves on an adventure through France, which winds up being more alien to them than the Tripods themselves.

Soon into their journey, they hook up with a skinny inventor whiz kid named, Beanpole, who has a terribly fake french accent, but that could also be the reason why his character is so lovable. What's also unintentionally entertaining is how many times they come up with reasons to speak English rather than French while in France.

I watched all 13 episodes in a row today. Call me crazy, but I highly recommend it for any lover of a good teleplay. A rainy or snowy day with a cup of tea would be the ideal conditions for a day with The Tripods.

*The music soundtrack by Ken Freeman is wiiiiicked!

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