Jul 10, 2007

Seed Of Psychics

In 2004 I saw 2 movies in the theatre.
"Alien Vs Predator" and "Seed of Chucky".

"Seed of Chucky" is by far the best of all the Chucky's.
Why? It's the tale of Chucky's son who is really cute, evil, and a hemaphrodite with an english accent for no reason.Adding in a slanted critique on Hollywood the movie also stars Redman as a rapper who suddenly becomes a filmmaker with really stoney baloney ideas for movies that are sure to become hits. Plus there is a great cameo by John Waters as a paprazzi photographer who gets killed in his darkroom. Of course. Amazing. Oh! and the credits begin with the impregnation process. I told everyone I know to go see it. Not too many people did. They we're all hyped up on "The Life Aquatic" which I don't get at all.

Flash to today.

On a whim, my friend and I went to get our tarot cards read in the valley. When it was time for my reading they called my name "Jennifer". As I walked to the counter so did another woman, "Jennifer".....Jennifer Tilly (BRIDE OF CHUCKY/ BOUND/ REMOTE CONTROL/ HEADS etc) Since both of us had signed up for readings at 4pm I had to discuss with her who would go first and with which psychic. The whole time I was bottling up a strong brew of hysterical laughter as the image of her as a rocket scientist in MOVING VIOLATIONS popped into my head. I loved that character.
She knew I recognized her, but I seriously can't think of any other actor in Hollywood I would rather possibly fight over a psychic reading with. She rules!!! ( even though she was dressed in a floral moo-moo and a blossom hat. )


( a scene from MOVING VIOLATIONS )

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