Jul 13, 2007

Michael reads a map to The Spelljammer

Michael is a very good my friend of mine, as well as an M.I.T. grad, the lead singer of The Nitlings, composer of the "Dungeon Majesty Theme Song", and the one who originally taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Chosing a life of Rock n' Roll and satellite design, Micheal rarely DM's anymore, but when he does, he runs Spelljammer.

The Spelljammer is a game based on a legendary spaceship which looks like a gigantic manta ray and houses an entire city on it's back. It whips through wildspace taking it's adventurers to new realms through a solar system of crystal spheres whilst getting it's engine power from plant life which is looked after by the ship's reptialian gardners.

This photo was taken when Michael accompanied Dungeon Majesty to a gaming convention in San Francsico and all 6 of us jammed into one little hotel room.

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