Jan 26, 2014

IT'S UP TO YOU!!! A video for high school girls 1990

From You Tube user Cindidrennan:
"In the 90's, there were fewer women working in technology-based careers
and the TIA (Technology and Industrial Arts) unit at Underdale campus
commissioned this video, to encourage girls in high school to consider
studying in this area. The TIA approached the Film and Electronic Media
department of UniSA to be involved in production, and myself and several
other female students in our final years became involved.

spent some years by that time making films and editing, and also being
comfortable with the animation systems available at the university, this
film incorporates effects from keyed Amiga DPaint3 animation through to
Fairlight CVI MTV type effects. Most of these were created offline but
several were overlayed in a final online edit mastering process.

music was composed at the Magill campus media unit, by Darren Cox, who
used an ensoniq s16 synth to overlay the voice samples over his own
guitar and scratch composition."

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