Sep 8, 2013


Mandala is 1977 an experimental film, made by Art Clokey. While an episode of Gumby can easily capture your heart, in this film we see the depths of his character manifest through the medium he knew best, clay.

Art Clokey on the creation of Mandala:

“Well, we shot that in our basement in Topanga. We had an 1,100 square foot basement in an A-frame on a hillside. It was perfect for our needs. My whole family worked on it, my daughter and Gloria’s daughter. That was our second marriage for both of us. She had a daughter and I had a daughter. They were both artistic, and my son and Gloria worked with the camera. So it was a family effort all in clay.”Mandala was to communicate “the idea of evolving our consciousness from primordial forms to human form, and then beyond the human to the spiritual and eternal. The theme was the evolution of consciousness: we begin in the mud and we just go out and up.

Afterwards, watch GUMBOT. All love to the memory of Art Clokey

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