Mar 24, 2011


There is nothing I love more than a working class hero who overcomes all by uncovering that last bit of strength. Films that aced this genre include The Karate Kid, Rocky, Heavenly Bodies, Ice Castles, and now Dream to Believe.

Aside from the after-school special warmth of this film, every interlude in Dream to Believe is supported by a musical sequence that fires up the spirit in a musical genre I like to call "Power Diva".

Here is a sample of some of the lyrics you'll here while watching this riveting movie.

"Flying high got my feet off the ground. I feel love in the air and I know I've got to be there!"

"Run with my heart! I wont live on the edge of a heartbreak!"

"All Ive got is my desire, nothing can stand in my way!"

Young, sweet and new wave KEANU REEVES!!
Hey Keanu,I'll study with you anyday because you are the one!

The whole movie is on youtube. Watch it!!

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