Dec 10, 2009

SHOW CAVE Video Series #6

I will premier a new video as part of SHOW CAVE Video Series #6
gallery opening this Saturday December 12,2009 in Los Angeles.

SHOW CAVE Video Series #6

December 12, 2009
9pm screening and after party!

SPREAD EAGLE is the next chapter in SHOW CAVE’s
ongoing video series curated by Hazel Hill.

SPREAD EAGLE is also the inaugural event at SHOW
CAVE’s new location 3501 Eagle Rock Blvd. in the
beautiful Glassel Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Contributing artists include:
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Cornrow Rider
Hazel Hill
Ashley Huizenga
Kathleen Daniel
Telefantasy Studios
Jacinto Astiazaran
Eric Nordhauser
Milton Melvin Croissant III
Nic Chancellor
Bobbi Woods

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