Jan 18, 2008


Since the release of "Top Gun" I have seen the VHS tape still floating around my father's house as well as the audio cassette within reach in my stepmother's car. When my brother was small, he wore army fatigues and used to read about F16s. I was always shocked at this notion mostly because my father is and always will be a hippie who will never hesitate making loud anti-war statements at the dinner table. However, my brother recently joined the Air Force. I understand it must be a thrill to operate a high tech airplane but when I look at these photos my eyes fill with tears. My father, the hippie, says "you can't stop someone's dreams from coming true, especially your own son". All I can say is please don't send my brother to war. My airforce hat, which used to symbolize "Xanadu" takes on a whole new meaning. Sorry, Iceman.

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catjams said...

At least you know there's one smart person in the military now.