Aug 21, 2007


I awoke from one of the worst nightmares of my life last night. While attending a pool party with some unrecognizable friends, I was asked to go down to the basement to get a bottle of wine. When suddenly I was being chased by a troll version of "Malachai" from the film, Children of the Corn. He was dressed in a black leather jumpsuit with spikes covering his entire body.Suddenly he jetted towards me waving some crude weaponry and luckily I escaped through a cellar door. Appearing moments later on a rooftop above a pool party where I tried to defend peoples lives from this ramapant killer with a high tech crossbow.

In the morning I woke up completely frightened only to read it was actor Courtney Gains who portrayed Malachai in the film's birthday.

Clearly I'm suffering from MEDIA OVERLOAD.

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Timothy Archibald said...

wtf? this kid mentions you in his interview:

you know, "the sluts" by dennis cooper is my fav book of the year, no question. are you guys buds?