Mar 11, 2014


This year I am taking part in a project called "52 Pick-Up" where participants make one video a week for an entire year. I was introduced to this project by fellow video artist and friend, Sabrina Ratte.
Currently I am 10 weeks in and can already sense how the project will benefit my work in the long run. By making a video every week I am forced to face my fears and share work even if it's not complete or an idea that I might ditch along the way. It's a nice reminder that video art is a practice and a pursuit that must be fully explored to realize it's potential. It also helps to develop a deeper relationship with the tools but also to escape their tropes. I hope that by video 52, I have made some kind of breakthrough that is beneficial to the art form and my own inner peace as a multidimensional artist.
Please enjoy my success and failures because they are one and the same. Here is the link :

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