May 17, 2015

Apr 25, 2015

Loading and lining up an Ampex VR2000 videotape machine

Loading and lining up an Ampex VR2000 videotape machine.

Apr 23, 2015


Chock-A-Block was a BBC children's television programme, created by Michael Cole. It was first shown in 1981 and repeated through to 1989 and shown as part of the children's programme cycle See-Saw (the "new" name for the cycle originally known as Watch with Mother). "Chock-A-Block" was an extremely large yellow computer, modelled to resemble a mainframe of the time; it filled the entire studio and provided the entire backdrop for the show. The presenter of the show played the part of a technician maintaining the computer. There were two presenters, Fred Harris ("Chock-A-Bloke") and Carol Leader ("Chock-A-Girl"), but only one appeared in each episode. At the start of the show, the presenter would drive around the studio towards the machine in a small yellow electric car, before saying the catchphrase "Chock-A-Bloke (or Girl), checking in!").

The presenter would then use the machine to find out about a particular topic. The name "chock-a-block" was derived from the machine's ability to read data from "blocks" - which were just that, physical blocks painted different colours. A typical show would include dialogue from the presenter, a brief clip played on Chock-a-block's video screen, and the presenter recording a song on Chock-a-block's audio recorder (which resembled the reel-to-reel tape drives used on actual mainframes, but with a design below to cause the reels to resemble the eyes of a smiling face).

According to the Kaleidoscope 'Lost Shows' database, eight out of thirteen episodes are no longer in the BBC archives.

The story of Chockablock :

Mar 16, 2015


ART SCENE_Part 2 of 2 parts

Interviews with Digital Artists Rebecca Allen & Victor Acevedo. Hosted by Stephen Jerrom.

Originally aired in September 1990.

ARTSCENE was a Public Access Cable TV program run on Century Cable studio based in Santa Monica California. On August 22, 1990, curator,
Patric Prince and artists: David Em, Rebecca Allen and Victor Acevedo taped interviews for the show as part of the media coverage for ART 1990.

ART 1990 was a digital art exhibition mounted at EZTV Gallery September 1 through October 31, 1990. Curated by Art Historian Patric Prince,it was produced in collaboration between L.A. SIGGRAPH and EZTV as part of the Fringe Festival / Los Angeles.

Patric Prince & David Em are interviewed in part 1 -- you can see it here:

Mar 8, 2015

GENEVA JACUZZI + TELEFANTASY TV a live television event

Geneva Jacuzzi performs at the Center For New Music in a live
television event created in collaboration with Telefantasy TV


ARD Concert, live at F├╝rstenhof Tanzpalast, Hamburg

1 - Star trek 00:00
2 - Habanera 01:26
3 - Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen 04:27
4 - Russischer Reggae (Russian Reggae) 07:35
5 - Heiss 12:03
6 - New York, New York 15:20
7 - Hermann Hiess Er 20:54
8 - Interview with Herman Brood 25:22
9 - Rock'n'Roll Junkie (Herman Brood) 27:16
10 - Pop (Nina Hagen with Herman Brood) 30:46
11 - Wenn Ich Ein Junge War (Rita Pavone cover) 33:24
12 - Diana (Paul Anka cover) 36:20
13 - Zarah (Zarah Leander cover) 38:36
14 - Wunderbar (Zarah Leander cover) 42:31
15 - Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo 44:38
16 - Wir Sind Die Welt (We Are The World) 49:30

Mar 5, 2015