Dec 1, 2016

Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes

Andy Warhol's Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes Episode one with
Robin Leach, Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, the Pyramid Club, Jelly Joplin,
Hapi Phace, John Kelly, Dagmar Onassis, the Lady Bunny, Dean Johnson, Terry Toy, Area,
4D, Katharine Hamnett, Marla Kay, Anna Johnson, Eric Perram, Tracy Johns,
Paulina Porizkova, Sally Kirkland, The Parachute Club, Bryan Adams, John Oates,
Andy Warhol, Billy Bryans, Lorraine Segato, Moon and Dweezil Zappa,
Curiosity Killed the Cat, Tama Janowitz, Lypsinka, Carla Steimer

Nov 16, 2016

Go straight to Terri Garr at 36:46

Beat The I.R.S - The Game Show

"Beat The I.R.S.", from 1985.
Bob Goen host
John Harlan is the announcer
The disclaimer at the end of the show states that this is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and that the prizes mentioned were not actually awarded.

DDQ 10 Studio Tour Tape

DDQ 10 Studio Tour Tape for 1982 , Australia