Jul 8, 2010

BIDOUN Issue #21 Bazaar II

Go out and grab the newest issue of BIDOUN. Issue #21 Bazaar II which includes: Contractors in Kandahar, green cemeteries in Texas, Binyavanga Wainaina, hip-hop clothiers in Dubai, scrap mongers in Bangalore, Chinese language instructors in Cairo, Elad Lassry, soldiers of fortune, freelance writers, Chautauqua, tightrope walkers, Amir Mogharabi, hash dealers, psychics, sex store owners, nation branding — illustrated, Iranian band Hypernova, the prehistory of infotainment, the apotheosis of spam, looking back on the Kuwaiti stock market crash, and haunted houses for dummies.
* a prize goes to whoever guesses which category I contributed to.

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