May 22, 2008

Hijacked Volume One

HIJACKED @ The Australian Centre for Photography
Curated by Mark McPherson
Gallery 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
13 June to 19 July | Opening Thursday June 12, 2008

Providing a voice for some of the most exciting and provocative new photography from Australia and America, Hijacked takes a road less travelled. The exhibition erases traditional boundaries between art, document and snapshot to point towards the future of contemporary photomedia.

Shunning repetitive and predictable curatorial structures, Hijacked’s aesthetic is driven by the mindset and energy of young and emerging practitioners. Embracing the prevailing wanderlust of their generation, their work exhibits a fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate life styles and urban landscapes. The exploration of suburban pleasures is placed on par with ‘high’ artistic experimentation.

I'm proud to be included in the Hijacked exhibition and publication, which features the work of some of my favorite contemporary photographers. Check them all out below and celebrate the new future of photography.

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