Feb 25, 2008


Our dream has been fulfilled! Thanks to our Karate master friend, Roger, Sarah and I spent Sunday at the Star Trek The Tour. The exhibit does not require devout fandom, but it may instigate it. The curation was extensive. There was an endless display of props and models that gathered together every weapon and touch pad you can ever remember, even a display of the evolution of the tricorder. We were WOWed by Khans costume, by belt buckle alone. However, the most impressive was the replicas of both The Original Series AND Next Generation bridge, which you could have your photograph taken in for $19.99. The photographer was very enthusiastic about every shot and I giggled when I saw the computer interface that ran the photo taking process was done up in authentic star trek style. Despite the long line, the photographer inspired you to take on the role and counseled you on how you may want to pose. It was very interactive and inspiring. I wish art shows were this fun. In honor of both STAR TREK TOS & TNG Sarah and I decided we would dress the part of Command Division for TOS but on the TNG bridge.

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Ian Aleksander Adams said...

Ahh I'm jealous!

While retouching the stack of 1000 negatives scans I'm working on, I decided I needed something epic to watch, and managed to get my hands on all of star trek. Seriously, all of it. I hadn't watched any since I was a kid, hanging out with my dad, who always loved it.

I'm amazed at how much better the shows are than I thought they would be, and not just because of the nostalgia value. Ahh!